Ghidini & Guerrini

The Cardboard Camera is a tool to teach young students the basics of frames in video recordings. After attending a lecture with a video showing examples, students can use the Cardboard Camera to try directly what they have learned. It is a very useful and effective tool for learn the film language, and it allows you to practice the basics without the complication of a real camera. The Cardboard Camera is currently used in the educational workshops of Musil - Museum of Industry and Labour of Rodengo Saiano (Italy).

How it works

The Camera can be used as a simulacrum of a real video camera or it can host a smartphone to actually film videos: in the first case looking through the hole toward the front opening can help you to compose shots, while in the second case we exploit the video capabilities of smartphones (now at the disposal of young people) to give the impression of having to deal with a real camera.


The camera is made of simple cardboard. To make it easier the manufacture it and to provide the look of a vintage camera, external images were printed on a sheet of adhesive pvc: the pvc is glued on cardboard and then you make the cut. The body of the camera is build with bending and joints. To reinforce the structure metal rivets are used, as needed.
In the front there is a pocket to host the smartphone: thanks to cardboard sheets of different thickness it is possible to fit different sizes of phones.


Concept: Stefano Guerrini, Fabio Ghidini
Production: Stefano Guerrini
Graphics: Fabio Ghidini
Copyright © 2013