Ghidini & Guerrini

The Colorlab eyeglasses are simple cardboard glasses fitted with different colored filters. The idea of the glasses is born from the need to equip the children who participate in an educational workshop on the colors (held at the Musil - Museum of Industry and Labour of Rodengo Saiano) with filters of different colors. These filters were to be distributed to all students, and therefore had to be easy to wear, but also cheap, easy and quick to build.

How they work

After wearing the glasses, the workshop participants are asked to watch a slideshow on a screen: the projected images contain texts and figures that will be visible or not depending on the color filter of the glasses. This experience is part of an educational workshop on the additive and subtractive synthesis of colors.

How they are made

Eyeglasses frame is entirely made of white cardboard. The colored lens is tailored from different color gel filters, and then it is glued in a pocket obtained directly on the frame.


Concept & production: Stefano Guerrini
Advice: Fabio Ghidini
Copyright © 2013